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Helene D 
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Hull, MA 02045 

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I bring with me 19 years of experience, specializing in dementia/alzhiemers. Currently and for the last 11 years, I have cared for 3 members of 1 family. My dear friend Jack, who is the last one alive, could be going into a facility very soon, so this job will finally be at its end. I am passionate about treating seniors, especially those who can sometimes not speak for themselves, with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Bringing joy to them is my goal. Making sure that the end of their time on earth is joyful and comfortable can be a challenge, but I am up to the task! I have been told many times that I do it with flare, so to speak. Before working for this family, I worked at Sunrise Assisted Living for a year, as well as a caring for a number of different people, in their homes. I have cared for people that did not have cognitive issues as well and found this to be just as rewarding. I believe we all have a niche in this life. This is one of mine!!!! I am very good at what I do, because I have true empathy for others. Thank you, Helene