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Selena H. Springfield, MO 83 years old
Caregiver - I work in Nursing home for 5years, In 1961 i went work in a local Hospital & work as a Nurse aide, I was not I did that for 23 years, & I throught I wanted somthing different so I talk to a Physical Therapist & he said that when he had opening he would consider me so about month later, I started in Physical therapy & that was sure reworden I really kneew I was helping people & see that they got back ther regular routine, When I work on the I got to do excise with the patients when the Therpist   [More]


Barbara S. Springfield, MO
Caregiver - Giving your loved one the attention and care that he or she needs and deserves, as you describe to me. Looking for an ambulatory ( able to walk ) client who enjoys visiting. Would consider a live-in position as long as I am allowed some freedom one to twelve hours or so per week for business and pleasure. I have worked with special needs children and adults, as a teacher's assistant. I have attended to the needs of an 89 year old lady with Alzheimer's in her home. I followed the routine that she  [More]


Shari I. Springfield, MO
Caregiver - Taken care of elderly disable. Bath, feed, helped in and out of bed, and chair. I am very good company. I've taken care of the elderly for twenty years. I've taken to the doctors, business matters, the zoo, also family visits and picnics. I enjoy being with them and care for their well being mentally, physically, and emotionally.   [More]

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