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Gaylen N. Riverside, MO
Caregiver - Hello, I am a 54 yr old man on social security disability, I recently learned I can work some ( up to $900/Mon ) before it would effect my disability benefits, I have about 3yrs and 6 months experience in being a companion, I have ran errands, ran my guy to doctor visits, cooked for him, and can do some housekeeping, I'm not out to become rich just I'm unable to work on my feet anymore but there has to things I can still do for others, I have a few private references, and alot of personal refere  [More]


Michelle B. Parkville,Riverside, Kans, MO
Caregiver - - I have experience caring for patients home bound, wheel chair, bedridden, those using a walker and with personal needs. - I have also cared for Hospice patients , diabetics, etc. - I have experience in testing blood sugar, taking vital signs and giving medications. - I am available for overnights and 4 hrs or more, I personally feel a few hrs. at a time allows your loved one and myself no time to get to know each other and be comfortable, I feel I need to have a good relationship with  [More]

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